Where do our clothes go when we give them away?

Mucem retraces the history of "basics"

The tank top, the work overalls, the espadrille, the jogging… Each of these “basics” of the locker room is a vector of imagination.The tank top is so madly sensual on the shoulders of Marlon Brando in A streetcar named desire, but also frankly vulgar on those of the last "Miss T-Shirt wet" of the campsite ...

At the Mucem in Marseille, the “Model clothes” exhibition celebrates these fashion pieces that have crossed eras and fashions.To the point of becoming, more than just scraps of fabric, societal markers.“Rich in their historical thickness, the choice of these five emblematic garments is linked to style and not to trend.At a time when we are wondering about the notion of sustainability, they allow us to highlight the notions of craftsmanship and living heritage.So we are studying them here from a societal point of view, ”specify Isabelle Crampes and Coline Zellal, the curators of the exhibition.

A garment is always the embodiment of a value system within a given society.For example, work overalls do not have the same meaning when they are worn by a worker in a 3X8 or by a fashionista who s is offered a model signed Agnès b ..."By documenting the historical and social cycles that make a fashion, we exceed it.And then, we can look at what these extra clothes have to be adopted for so long, to the point to forge a style.The exhibition is precisely trying to understand what, in the manufacture of these five emblematic pieces, has enabled them to become timeless, "say the two curators.

Posted Date: 2020-07-05

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